Search Engine Marketing

When the sales are seasonal and the need is immediate, waiting for Google to index your pages and then rank it higher can be a tedious path.
Paid ads are the way to go when you’re looking for quick results.
Welcome Search Engine Marketing – welcome Creative Crawlers.

What We Offer

Creative Crawlers is a fast-emerging digital marketing agency in Kolkata, India. We offer search engine marketing services.
Since inception, we have worked closely with many clients, helping them with high-converting campaigns.
Ours is a fast, dynamic and ROI-driven team that taps on geo-targeting, retargeting, day-parting, mobile targeting, and different tactics to achieve more.
The professionals at Creative Crawlers champion search ads, display ads, and shopping ads.
We outline data-driven strategies and make smart bids on the most valuable keywords to ensure our clients optimum cost per acquisition.
Whether you’re looking to generate sales or have some other paid ad goals, our search engine marketing solution has you covered adequately from every angle.
Tap on our expertise and resources to achieve your business goals.

See Quick (And Better) Results

Get the words going about your products faster and louder.
Be present above-the-fold on SERP for the most relevant keywords.
Attract, engage and woo the qualified audience.
Run search, display, and shopping ad campaigns on Google and Bing that are low in cost and high in returns.
Have smart landing pages that are built for conversion.
Search engine ads are much more than just about paying and reaching people. It’s about bidding the right way and on the right phrases. It’s about optimizing the overall cost to maximize the profit.
Have the good people at Creative Crawlers navigate you right so you see quick and better results in search engine marketing.

Want to Talk?

Hitting the bullseye in paid search ads where CPC and CAC are low is a challenging task. But our team makes sure it happens for our clients.
We try to make make every $ count for business owners.
Irrespective of your paid ad needs:

    ⇨ More sales

    ⇨ More number of leads

    ⇨ More website traffic

    ⇨ More brand awareness

We have answers to everything. Our team works closely to map out data-driven strategies, pull effective campaigns, and deliver you not just great results but also a remarkable experience.
Let’s talk… Let’s discuss your goals and how, as a reputed search engine marketing agency, Creative Crawlers can help you achieve them.